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AYB Commissioner 
AYB is a complete volunteer organization run by a Board of Directors and co-sponsored by the Ashwaubenon Park & Recreation Dept. AYB’s purpose is to help develop area youth with the highest quality play possible, as well as provide for the key elements of sportsmanship, team play, social values and fun.  
Family participation and involvement are key to providing a positive program so we expect it. AYB plays the majority of its games at our fully lighted baseball four-plex at Ashwaubomay Park.

    Over the past several years AYB, in conjunction with Ashwaubenon Park & Rec, have made dramatic improvements to this already great facility.
  • Concession stand
  • Bleacher shades
  • Sprinkler system
  • 5 batting cages
  • Lighted fields
  • Pavilion - NEW
  • 3 Little League Diamonds and 1 Regulation Diamond
Please checkout this web site for the information you need and come on out to the park, enjoy!